• Elasticlunr Query DSL

    2 years ago

    Like every other search engine, you can make more advanced search queries depending on your requirements, and I'm pleased to tell you that Elasticlunr has not left out such capabilities. I will like to mention that Elasticlunr tries to replicate popular Query DSL (Domain Specific Language) with the same behavior as Elasticsearch, which means the learning curve reduces if you have experience using the search engine. The above are the available query types you can use to build more advanced queries for your use case.

  • Introduction to Elasticlunr

    2 years ago

    Elasticlunr is a small, full-text search library for use in the Elixir environment. The library is built for web applications that do not require the deployment complexities of popular search engines while taking advantage of the Beam capabilities. Imagine how much is gained when the search functionality of your application resides in the same environment (Beam VM) as your business logic; search resolves faster, the number of services (Elasticsearch, Solr, and so on) to monitor reduces.

  • Elixir Data Types (Part 2)

    3 years ago

    In this post, we will look at Elixir data types: integer, float, booleans, string, lists, maps, tuples... I will try to make this article concise as possible.. This post expects that you fiddle with the language by writing code to try out any of the given examples. Typing out these examples yourself helps improve memory muscles. So you are expected to have Elixir installed on your machine and you can run the interactive shell.. Remember that Elixir upholds the Immutability mantra of a functional language meaning that modifications made on a value return another copy of the value with the modifications without modifying the actual value in place

  • Introduction to Elixir (Part 1)

    3 years ago

    Elixir is a dynamic, functional language for building scalable and maintainable applications. While Erlang and Elixir are both still used widely in their respective fields, Elixir is much more popular and gaining popularity due to its low learning curve with its Ruby-like syntax and expressiveness. The Elixir programming language wraps functional programming with an immutable state and an actor-based approach to concurrency in a tidy, modern syntax.

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