• My First Experience With The Stock Market

    3 years ago

    At this point, I had completed the registration on the platform of choice, Investbamboo, and I've made a $50 deposit, I know it's not a huge amount but I've heard sad stories and I had to play safe — I'm not ready to lose a huge amount in a market I have no experience about. My first-day experience was mostly spent buying stocks and getting used to the dynamics of the market and getting familiar with the platform I use in trading. The second day was a positive one, 5 of the stocks were up in a positive shade while one stock cost me some loss but this time around my total loss is reduced to $0.84, even though it's few cents from a dollar I still felt good.

  • How I Built My Blog

    3 years ago

    I remember surfing the web, inspecting (by having my browser's devtools opened at most times) other developers blogs and personal site, trying to find one or more inspiration to lead me to my inner mansion of thoughts — I'm not the right person to meet for design suggestions because I'm quite terrible at it. It was an eye-opener, looking at other developers' design choices with their blog or personal site. I started looking at different tools, WordPress, gatsby, Jekyll ..., but Statamic caught my attention because it provides most of the things I was looking for, and it's built on Laravel — I have experience working with Laravel

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