Initial Commit

February 12th, 2021

It's great to have you here, I believe we will have a great journey onwards.

Introduction, I'm a Full Stack Developer based in Nigeria. I'm passionate about building intuitive internet experiences for users. And I'm also a fan of engineering processes that helps cut off redundancies so as to deliver seamless experience.

I learnt most of my software development skills by reading resourceful articles from tech websites, the blog posts by fellow community members. These articles have helped me understand the nuances, fundamentals and the pretty complex nature of software development. Lately, I started having the urge to document my progress and challenges while working on different projects, and also experiences gained while performing duties as a tech lead. I have come to understand that documenting something into a detailed, readable, sharable article helps me and a lot of other developers.

Looking at authors whose articles have been of help to my career, I have decided to share my experience as a developer, and a tech lead, into a blog. I will be writing about my successes and failures and there would be a lot of knowledge sharing. I believe by doing this I will be able to give readers insights into my journey as a software developer.

I'm not sure about the frequency of posts coming in but I will try my best to not leave this effort of mine in the middle of the desert where it has no access to water for it to keep running. 😅

I would love to receive suggestions for a topic from you generous readers, you can drop them as a mail along with actual mistakes/issues you find in my posts to following

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